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Chapter 1: The Meeting

Darth Grivis sat down in a chair next to Darth Ferio. Then, he raised his hand for silence. In a flash all of the sith council focused on him.

“It seems that a new threat has risen,” Grivis began. “A sith lord from the Rim has entered our Region.”

“But Grivis, I thought our Great Region was impenetrable,” Ferio protested.

“Obviously not,” Grivis sneered back. “Talarius must have done a bad job putting up my Prototype.”

“What,” Talarius yelled. In anger Talarius ignited his Red saber.

“You dare to blame me?” Talarius asked.

“Yes,” Grivis replied calmly.

Talarius snorted and charged at Grivis. Grivis jumped back and activated his Red saber. The two sabers clashed together, and Talarius’s was stronger. Talarius pushed Grivis back; Grivis stumbled but quickly twisted and activated his Purple lightsaber. Then, he brought the saber up and cut the emitter on Talarius’s saber off. Talarius stood stunned as his saber spit out sparks. Grivis then slammed the bottom of his saber into Talarius’s head, knocking him unconscious.

Bastila rode the Ebon Hawk through the Unknown Regions. She had seen Revan’s ship fly to the planet Sekot. She knew the planet was the most known of all the Unknown Regions, and might have civilians on it. Bastila reached up to the Ebon Hawk’s main computer terminal and flipped the landing switch. Then, the Ebon Hawk slowly approached the planet’s surface.

Darth Valk walked into the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk. Bastila, surprised swiveled around in the pilot seat.

“Valk,” Bastila said upon seeing him.

“Bastila, if were going to find Revan together you have to at least show me some respect.”

“Whatever, were approaching the planet Sekot, I saw Revan land there,”

“Good,” The faster we find Revan, the better,” Valk told her.

“Like I didn’t know that,”


A preview for Chapter 2:

On the planet Sekot, Darth Revan looked up. Above him, the Ebon Hawk flew through the sky. Revan started to pull out his comlink to contact the ship as a hard piece of metal slammed against his head, making him fall unconscious….

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