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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
Hello everyone. Here are the results. Hopefully the Mods will leave it open for discussion before closing it. If anyone wants me to post the runners up, I will when I have time. Enjoy the results and have a Happy New Year, which is in five hours for me.

Best Character: Jae Onasi from The Adventures of Jolee Bindo

Best Hero: Jaden Korr from Jedi Knight: Jedi Heroes/Revan Skywalker from KOTOR III: The Second Sith War

Best Heroine: Jae Onasi from The Adventures of Jolee Bindo

Best Villian: Darth Malus from The Sith Lord

Best Villainess: Tara [Dark Side] from Mace Windu: Jedi Master Reborn

Best Plot: The Adventures of Jolee Bindo

Best Plot Twist: In Victim of Betrayal, when Wefive kills Seliqa

Most Underrated Fic: Amongst the Ruins

Most Original/Creative Fanfic: The Adventures of Jolee Bindo

Most Addictive Fanfic: The Plight of Darkness

Best Sequel: Galactic Conquest II - Rebel Rebound/Victim of Betrayal

Best Trilogy: Heart of the Guardian

Best Written/Best Grammar: Jae Onasi

Best Writer: Jae Onasi

Most Improved Writer: Darth Grivis

Most Improved Fic: Amongst the Ruins

Best Short Fanfiction: Shattered Love, Shattered Faith/The Way of the Dark Side

Best Fanfiction: The Adventures of Jolee Bindo

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