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Fact is, SH would have been executed as long as it was up to the Iraqis themselves. No new government in Iraq would've had enough Sunni members to avoid that fate. Frankly, since the UN did nothing (except possibly profit) about SH, there is no reason that anything like the WC should have had influence or jurisdiction over how Saddam's case was disposed.

Seems to me that a lot of the people who fear Iraq's descent into anarchy ought to step up and volunteer to help stabilize the situation. Might it cost them their lives to do so? Probably. It would mean more, though, than just being meely mouthed and criticizing everything else. Much will depend on how much Iraq is supported, both by the US and the rest of the world. Given it's proximity to Iran and Syria, I think that it could end up somewhat like Lebanon. Iran is ultimately the key. If Iran can be kept under control, then much funding for the terrorist element in Iraq can be choked off sufficiently to achieve something with a better shot at being lasting. [Of course, SA would have to knuckle under too, as it is a source of copious funding to terror groups, no doubt partly as a kind of payoff to leave SA alone] That however, would require greater cooperation on the parts of Russia (whose supplying nuke help to Iran) and the PRC. Neither appears predisposed to do anything constructive.
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