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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Seriously, TK, if you think there are no outside influences (beyond the US and UK), then you are extremely naive. You do understand that it's in the best interests of nations like Iran and Syria that Iraq dissolves completely into failure (at least from their perspective)? Perhaps you should do more research. The middle east is drowning in despotism and the despots are in no hurry to see that change, at almost any cost it seems.
Yes, it is very much in the interest of Iran to see the U.S. bleed in Iraq, and a Shi'a-dominated Islamic government emerge. Both of these things are happening. But all this talk I hear of "Iranian agents" and such seems to be nonsense. It's likely that Iran contributes to the political strife in Iraq. However, to think that Iran is behind the VIOLENCE in Iraq is what is truely naive. Know the history of that region - Shi'ite Muslims and Sunni Muslims have always been enemies in Iraq. The true people behind the violence in Iraq are the Imams. People like al-Sadr. They are the ones encouraging young men to abduct, torture, and kill people based on their ethnic differences. No Iranian agents required.
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