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Happy New Year, all. In response to a post by Ike in the last thread:

I'll tell you why. it's a frikkin american car, that's why! it's a bloody ford, and fords are crap. why on earth would you willingly subject yourself to yet another american car? get a honda, or better yet, a toyota.
Ha! That car was very, very old and had tons of miles on it, and I never had a problem with it. But the air conditioning finally went, and I was about to need a new tire, and the alignment was getting a little screwy. It could have been fixed, and I'm sure it would have lasted a while, but I would have needed a new car eventually anyway. So as long as I had a week off, why not just get it over with?

My family has had Fords since I was a little kid, and they have never been anything but outstanding. Plus, I have had excellent experience with this particular dealer - their service is second to none.

I will have you know that the Fusion was ranked number one in the JD Power APEAL study in 2006 and, Consumer Reports rated it higher than both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord.

No sir, it will be a cold day before I cruise around in a Japanese POS.

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