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New year. New thread. Same old Ed.

Well, the hope is this year things will be at least a little different. Have a bit of a social life. Perhaps even (dare I even speak it aloud?) test the waters re: romance.

I guess if I were to put my name on a "New Year's Resolution" that would be it...

Well, maybe not. Since we all know you are bound to break each and every resolution you can imagine of, and almost always immediately... my one true resolution, (the one I tell everybody who asks me about mine anyways) is to this year, finally, premeditatedly take the life of a complete stranger in cold blood.

Well,.. that way when I inevitably break that resolution, it will be a positive thing... right? RIGHT???!?

Well... time for bed. I'll recap the night's work experiences in the morning.
I'll leave you with this brief taste though, to spark your interests...

Clarinet babe:

Yeah... Oh, and she can really play the hell out of that thing too... scary.

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