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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Compared to what? Doing nothing and holding your breath?
Okay then tell us why we should attack Iran then. Tell us why the U.S. has the authority to attack another country without provocation. Tell us what act Iran has committed that would justify an attack, and the ensuing chaos, destruction, and death that would follow.

Originally Posted by Samnmax221
Wouldn't need to, Ahmadinejad is about as popular over there, as Bush is here. He's on his way out.
Exactly. The Iranians aren't so happy about the fact that they're living in poverty while their leader tries to take on the world. Thankfully, Iran IS a democratic, or at least semi-democratic society. Attacking them would be absolute insanity. The sanctions that are in place are working, as we saw from the elections that recently took place in Iran. People in Iran don't like the trouble that Ahmadinejad is getting them into.
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