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Chapter 15

Hullo again peoples, Got another chapter and i hope, for those who read, enjoy it


Bastilla ran ahead, and the rest panted along behind her. Nom, not used to such techniques yet, was not able to slow down his breathing enough to keep running; he started to slow down.
Carth, noticing Nom, yelled out to Bastilla “Hey, Bastilla!” she stopped and turned around, looking at all the sweaty faces and hearing all the sharp intakes of breath, of her fellow companions, she lowered her head and said “Yep,”

“We won’t be able to keep this up much longer,” said Carth, breathing hard himself. “We need to stop,”

“We can’t!” said Bastilla, looking back up “Every second we waste is another second to Revan’s death unless we get there!”

“You don’t know that for sure,” said Carth

“Oh?” said Bastilla, getting irritated “And what do you think what will happen, Carth? Revan will be sitting along side Sith having a few Juma’s playing a nice game of Pazaak?”

“I could definitely go for that right now,” muttered Atton

“Shut it!” hissed Mira

Bastilla didn’t take any notice to the second conversation what was taking place and continued eyeing Carth, mutinously.

“Bastilla! Looks what’s happening to you. No wonder the Jedi said love should be forbidden. Your risking nine other lives, including your own! Just to save another – “

Carth was cut off, by the sound of Bastilla igniting her lightsaber “If you don’t care about saving Revan. Then leave!” she said, her voice barely a whisper, her eyes bright with fury.

Nom let out a cry of frustration “Enough already!” he yelled, “Look at you two, fighting against each other. Bastilla! Carth wants to save Revan, as much as you do, you should now that and not be blinded by obsession. Because that’s what’s happening, think of what you have taught me, whilst on the Hawk. Was all that for nothing?”

Bastilla shook her head and eyed Carth, after a small while; the small glint in her eyes had started to fade. “I’m sorry Carth” she said “Your right,” she looked down at the ground and deactivated her lightsaber as she did so.

“No worries,” replied Carth “But as I said before, we can’t go on like this. We not need worry about Sith catching us, because at this rate, we’re going to just die of exhaustion,”
Bastilla nodded, “As much as we want to rest, time is slipping through our fingers, we cannot rest for long”

“Five minutes is all I ask,” said Carth, and Bastilla nodded once more “Five minutes” she agreed

* * *

The five minutes passed and they were once again, running along the dirt path, surrounded by thick foliage, covering all what lay behind. Suddenly they came out to a small clearing, which beheld an amazing sight.

A large castle-built structure towering above the high clouds and out of sight. Hundreds of towers expanded from within the temple, and sprouted outwards, in all sorts of directions Nom didn’t think possible for such a building.

“This is it,” said Bastilla “He’s here” she stopped and looked intently, as if listening for something. “And there is someone else here. Someone extremely powerful”

“The Exile!” whispered Visas

“Let’s go!” said Bastilla, drawing her lightsaber, but Carth stopped her. “What?” she asked

“We can’t just go barging in there” he said, “We don’t know how many Sith could be inside. We need a plan,”

“I don’t think that’s going to matter, very much” said Atton

“And why is that?” retorted Carth

“Well, look,” replied Atton, pointing to something behind Carth
“Oh, great,”

Several Sith battle droids were surrounding them on all sides, blasters held up high. Two Acolytes came to the front and sneered.

“Well, well, well,” one of them said “The great Bastilla and Carth, of the Republic. Not so great now, are we?”

“Come!” said the other, drawing out a red saber-staff. “Our master would like a word with you”

“Better do what they say, otherwise we won’t even be getting inside to save Revan” said Nom bitterly, as they were all disarmed of their possessions; his own newly built lightsaber included.

“Hmmph,” exclaimed Jolee “This is turning out to be some rescue mission, indeed!”

* * *

Led by the two Acolytes, and the squad of battle-droids bringing up the rear, the companions strolled into and over the threshold and the entered the Sith stronghold. As big of a place it was, surprisingly, it seemed empty.

“Underestimating us a bit, aren’t they,” said Atton

“Silence!” spat one the Acolytes
Bastilla shook her head in irritation.

“We don’t have time for this!” she hissed to Carth.

“Got a plan?” he replied

“I was hoping you had one,” she said

“You’re a Jedi! Use your bloody wits woman,” whispered Carth
Bastilla smiled and she started to look around, taking in her surroundings.
Large stone-carved columns, reached from the floor base, and into the ceiling high above. She couldn’t even see the roof with her eyes; darkness was spread overhead. But as far as Bastilla could see, she counted that there were another six stories before the dark engulfed how many others there must be. Huge statues of Ancient lords were spread throughout the large entrance chamber they were in, holding swords gracefully in front of their face; saluting their would be enemies, before the fight. Bastilla noticed small-carved hilts pinned to their sides.
‘They must be the early rulers of this planet’ she thought to herself.
They walked on for another five minutes, Bastilla forming a plan inside her head as they did so.

“Alright,” she whispered back to Carth “Follow my lead”

“Whatever you say,” was the reply

“So,” she said loudly, so they Acolytes turned to look at her as they walked “Where is your master?”

“You’ll find out soon enough” sneered one of the acolytes “I wonder if Jonas has got the same thing planned for you, as he has for Revan,”

“And, what would that be?” Bastilla inquired

“Oh, just a little surprise” the other replied; he signalled the other to a corridor not to far ahead in which they would be turning into.

As they walked, Bastilla spoke to all her companions who could wield it, through the Force. ‘When I give the signal, stun those blasted droids into submission!’ she said to each of them, getting positive replies back from all.

They turned into the corridor and they noticed that it was rather small, so they could only walk in single file; this complicated things.

‘Great, that’s stuffs up what I was thinking about doing’ said Bastilla. They were coming up to the end of the corridor, and sounds of marching footsteps started to echo much more loudly in the passage what they were in; more sith were up ahead.

‘Well, its now or never’ … she channelled everybody once more, ‘Now!’

Loud sounds of explosions started to occur as each battle droid was either stunned then beaten to submission, or just brutally ripped apart, wire by wire (on account of Zaalbar).

Bastilla summoned the Force to her aid, and pulled her lightsaber towards her. Nom, Atton, Mira, Visas and Jolee doing the same. The others, taking care of the rest of the droids, Nom and Bastilla headed towards the two Sith in front of them, wide-eyed, as they were still in surprise about the sudden downfall of their droids.

“It seems to me that you are in a bad way at the moment” said Bastilla to both of them. Nom just smiled.

Quickly getting over their current state, the Acolytes ignited their Lightsabers.

“We should have killed you, before!” said the double-bladed wielding acolyte.

“I’ve got him,” said Bastilla said to Nom, nodding towards the Sith. He nodded and they switched sides.

“Oh, I get the little one,” said the other Sith, swirling his own lightsaber in a circling motion. A sudden spurt of anger rose up in Nom’s chest ‘Little one?’

“Just remember your training,” said Bastilla, looking towards Nom.

* * *

Both Acolytes ran towards Nom and Bastilla. They held their ground as both Lightsabers came crashing down upon their own blades. Nom pushed the sith back and lunged his lightsaber forwards, aiming for his enemies gut.
The Sith blocked the oncoming attack and swirled down, bringing his saber across to slash at Noms legs; Nom jumped and using the Force, he was able to flip over his opponent and bring his blade down, creating a long slash down the Siths back. Grunting in anger, the acolyte rolled forwards, ignoring his own pain, and jumped up.

“Lucky shot,” he said, straining a smile “But it will not happen again, no mere Jedi can defeat me!”

* * *

Meanwhile, Bastilla was having her own problems. It had been a while since she had an intense fight such as this. Barely being able to block her enemies attacks in time, the Sith was unleashing all he had on Bastilla.

“Hmm, I thought being the great warrior that you are, this might have been a battle worth waiting for” sneered the Acolyte “I guess I was wrong. Who knows what Revan sees in a pathetic excuse for a warrior like you”

Anger coursed through Bastilla’s body at the sign of Revan’s name, and she gathered all her strength and leaped forward. Catching the sith on surprise, she got a few flurries of hits on him; catching him on the arm, slashing down the side of his leg and across the chest.
The sith fell onto his knees and looked upon Bastilla’s face.

“Finally,” he said, spitting out blood, “You have remembered … what it was,” he spluttered the rest of his words, but Bastilla caught the last few, which shook the inside of her like a sudden explosion from he heart … “To be, Sith”

“No!” screamed Bastilla, swinging her lightsaber across, she cleaved the head of the Acolyte straight off. Switching off her saber, she looked across at Nom fighting as she also, fell to her knees, before exhaustion took her into darkness.

* * *

Nom heard Bastilla’s scream and turned his head; he watched her fall to the ground.

“Master!” he yelled

“Ahh, I see,” said the Acolyte panting, “You were her student,” a slight smile of satisfaction had spread across his face “But, no more”

Nom bowed his head “You said no mere padawan can defeat a Sith. But I am no mere padawan I am Nom Kavar! And I will succeed in killing every sith that stands in my path; including you,”

“How noble!” mocked the Sith, “Now, prepare for death, little one,”

Nom laughed “Little one? Prepare to die? Tell me, sith, during this fight have you laid any hits on me whatsoever?”

The sith’s eyes widened in anger.

“That’s what I thought,” said Nom

Nom started towards the sith and brought his saber down, but the Acolyte parried the attack and brought his own lightsaber across, in line with Nom’s side. Nom blocked the attack and swirled around in a circle, and as he was doing so, bring his saber along with him. He stopped for a fraction of a second then lunged the purple blade into the sith’s chest. Pulling the blade back out, he let the body fall limp to the ground.

Momentarily shocked, Nom had realised that this was the first time he had killed a person. He was brought back to his senses however when he heard the yell, which was issued from Carth.


With that, remembering what had happened, Nom turned and sprinted towards Bastilla’s unmoving body.

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