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It does have it moments... But don't envy me... I still haven't figured out how to use the good parts of it to my advantage yet. When I officially manage to figure that out, let the vicarious living of your fantasies through me begin!

OK... to start this thing off right and proper (knowing full well that it will just inevitably degenerate into random free association rambling in a day or 2... if it takes even that long...)


Started work at 3pm yesterday. We spent a couple of hours setting everything up for the 2 bands that would be playing. The first band (the bigger of the 2... kind of a blues/R&B/gospel band) was supposed to be loaded in and sound-checking by 5:15.

By 5:45 no band, no word, no info. Cool.

The other band showed up around that time (a classical duet, that included a piano player, as well as the cute-as-a-button aforementioned clarinet slinger) so we set them up and moved the other stuff out of the way.

They didn't want to use any mics, other than an announce mic to introduce songs, so it made that part of my night pretty simple.

The other band showed up after this band started rehearsing and warming up.

We scrambled to get them loaded-in, set up, and a really quick-and-dirty sound-check before the folks up front really started to get on our case about opening doors.

Managed to get through it all alright.

The Duo (They called themselves The Brillaner Duo... since her name is Shirley Brill and the piano player is Jonathan Aner...) were really good, for that sort of thing. Both truly excellent players... although I probably wouldn't seek out that type of music of my own volition under normal circumstances.

The other band were OK... nice vocal harmonies,.. and the guitar player seemed to be channeling Curtis Mayfield at a couple of points... which is never a bad thing.

I was on my way home before 11. Got home in time to watch the ball drop and all the Times Square stupidity, before I posted here and went to bed.

Woke up coughing and wheezing again today. I guess I didn't blow that thing completely out of my system before heading back to work after all.

Gonna take it easy today and try to get better before having to report back in tomorrow.

Yay! Back to work! Oh happiness!

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