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Give TK an A for his accurate insight into Iraq, Iran and the Middle East. If Ahmadinejad is holding talks with America then the hope is there to bring about democracy. On the other hand Iran has appeared hell bent on the genocide of the Jews, so certainly if we are to uphold Israel's right to exist then Iran has to be watched carefully. I would like to add, war opposers, that from all appearences Saddam largely kept the Shi'ites and Sunnis under control. With him gone it's open slather, they have free reign to try and wipe each other out.

My thoughts on the hanging itself. I'm glad Saddam has been done away with, he deserved it for his attempted genocide of the Kurds, but to celebrate the way some have is rather tasteless. Regardless of what support Iraqis have for it to Saddam loyalists he will die a myrter and they will in all liklihood redouble their efforts to drive out the occupying forces.
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