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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Once again you miss the point. You claim that religion makes you more susceptible to things such as propoganda. Frankly I thought you had more intelligence than that. Atheists are just as likely to be conned as someone who is religious, it depends on just how wily they are. Scams and people who fall for scams cuts across religious boundries. To say people who are religious will be conned by things such as propoganda is like saying Doom is responsible for creating killers. Whatever excuse is used, whether it be a video game being used as inspiration for the Colombine massecre or whatever excuse you might use, those people have problems far beyond any impact such things might have.
Originally Posted by Spider AL
...there is often a strong correlation between religion and uber-patriotism, between religion and susceptibility to propaganda.
That doesn't sound like "religion makes people more susceptible to things such as propaganda" to me.

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