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Black screen after Telos

After get on the Ebon Hawk and Atris talks with the handmaidens. I get a black screen. I can exit and look at every other screen: the inventory, equipped items, all that stuff. But the mapall white where the map would be and the main screen is all black.

I have quite a few savegames before the bug and I tried with all of them to get into the ebon hawk and everytime I ended up with the black screen.
When I save the game at that point it won't load that savegame, it is corrupt.

I have a Nvidia gforce 7900 gtx but I don't believe it is videocard related since I saw on these boards that people on Xbox and with Ati cards experienced the same problem, so I think it is a game glitch.

Like in these 2 closed threads:

I'm sorry for asking again, but in these threads there still isn't any satisfying answer. Does anyone know already? I'm not running any mods or cheats, I have the latest patch.

Thanks in advance!
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