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ike: longevity of an automobile's running life is a large portion contributed to owner maintenance and care. my old cavalier ran like a top and even looked nice well beyond 100k, my pontiac minivan was great when I got rid of it at 170K, still see it driving around town as a taxi now.

my nissan 200sx was a piece of CRAP, always broke in some way or another, and rusty.

my saturn was great minus some owner induced mechanical failures

my new year started off OK I guess, I spent xmas till now sick, relaly sick last week, now its just sore throat lots of coughing and drainage.....

spent NYE with the girl at a hotel, just us, so no blue balls here

but now shes back to living 2 hours away for a week, then she moves an hour away, but I wont see for a week after that, distance is so annoying in relationships!

other than that things are alright I guess
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