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Wow! Thanks again, everyone!

@ Pottsie
Michael Jackson?! You're right, he does look a bit like him...but, I assure you, in the photo he wasn't NEARLY as white.

It's probably the charcoal that makes this portrait more striking than the Arwen pic. It's bold with lots of contrast, which is why charcoal is such a great medium.

@ Grey Master
Another look-alike! I do see Han Solo in this guy!! Maybe Harrison Ford and Michael Jackson are relatives, and this fellow is their long-lost cousin??

@ Torthane
Well...I usually work for short bursts over an extended period of time. Probably because most of my pieces are done during my bi-weekly art lesson. I worked on this charcoal piece for a two hour session every two weeks. From start to finish, it took about two months to complete.

By the way, you comment on things that I would also notice about a drawing. Are you an artist, yourself?

@ the Skywalkers (ha ha!)
Thank you both for commenting!!!

EDIT: @ CSI below
LOL! You're just fine, CSI. (Ha, that rhymed!)

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