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Originally Posted by Maxstate
I've figured out why OJP's saber combat seems very chaotic, messy and non-fluid to many people.

It's viewlocking and I have to say I agree with them.

Your character and view get stuck everytime you hit someone and I know this is supposed to somehow improve realism but could we think about removing it completely?

I for one don't like it, neither do numerous others and it makes the combat just feel very choppy.

I see no reason against removing it other than sentimental purposes.
I suppose we could shorten the collision stops a bit, but I never liked how the previous combat looked so flowy it was like two ghosts floating back and forth as if they werent having to brace themselves for an impact. Thats still something that drives me nuts about MB2 combat.

As far as the viewlock in general for collisions, I agree it can get annoying, but its what keeps the combat looking alot more realistic, because without it like it is, you have sabers going through people all the time without damage. Back around 0.0.7 or so, we got alot of complaoints about that problem and it took this strong of a view lock to make it even as solid as it is right now.

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