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Nissans are crap for the most part. maybe they have gotten better, but in the realm of japanese cars, nissan is crap.

I have driven toyotas that were well over 10 years old and i have a 21 year old MR2 in my driveway. Granted, it hasn't been well maintained, but the engine still kicks ass and it is fun as hell to drive. I had an old toyota minivan that probably was at least 15 years old. the a/c didn't work anymore and we never really maintained it to speak of, but the engine lasted over 200K quite well.

Toyotas may not always have the biggest engines or most horsepower/torque, but i akin them to a slow burn that lasts for a helluva long time. Even if the rest of the car starts falling apart around it, the engine will keep on ticking (and the rest of the car is usually better put together with better materials than your typical american car). American cars may generally have more horsepower and stuff like that, but they are more like a flash burn that goes bright and hot for a bit but when it burns out, it effing snuffs it.
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