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Let me play devil's advocate here. WHERE IS NIHLIUS WHEN REVAN STARTS THIS CRUSADE? That's right, Nihlius is LEARNING under Kreia. Who would have won? I really don't know. And nobody knows until they face one another. The only point I wish to make is that REVAN, one of the greatest JEDI and SITH LORDS of all time, would (or at least could) have found a way to beat Nihlius. There could be some technique that Revan finds that allows him to supress his force sensitivity, or whatever, then all Revan has to do is rely on his lightsaber skills. I believe him to be a better saberist than Nihlius, since Nihlius's strength is feeding off of force sensitives.To help further this arguement or debate in view of REVAN winning the bout, remember Episode II when Yoda met Dooku in the cave on Genosis. We all agree that you can't get much stronger then Yoda as far as being able to apply all that has been learned to the Force, however, Yoda makes the comment that Dooku has become VERY strong; and as a result they have to result to the battle of lightsabers and, in the end, Dooku's skills do not match Yoda's hence his fleeing of the cave by distracting Yoda with placing Anakin and Obi Wan in danger so that Dooku could escape. The same would apply to Revan and Nihlius, Revan would devise some way to "negate" Nihlius's Force Drain and the duel would resort to lightsabers with Revan emerging victorious. But let me also say, it wouldn't surprise me if Revan lost. He could be overconfident and thereby underestimate his opponent. Nothing is for certain.
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