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Originally Posted by The Architect
Jedi Kaybee, you are basing your argument on assumptions, and that just isnít good enough. You say that Revan would find some way to negate Nihilusí force drain, when you canít be certain of that. That just sounds like fanboy crap to me.

At this point in canon, no such mysterious force power that would prevent Nihilusí draining power from working on a regular force user like Revan exists. Why? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe such a power does not exist?

No character in Star Wars history has this mysterious anti-Nihilus power you speak of, so until it is proven otherwise, you have to assume that it doesnít exist. The likes of Kreia, Atris, Vandar, Kavar and Vash knew of no such anti-Nihilus power, so why would Revan be any different? What, because itís the all mighty, all knowing, invincible Revan?

If youíre going to base your argument on a biast supposition, then Iím entitled to assume that Nihilus could have some mysterious force power that would prevent this anti-Nihilus power from working, arenít I?
Well I'm gonna have to battle in his defense.... there are Force Techniques that are... Unknown.... and perhaps Revan learned them, when going to the Unknown Regions... we have no Idea what's out there...... there could be a Force Sensitive Race, that could have held the key to killing Nihilus, had the Exile not been a wound in the Force, and Nihilus not effecting him/her.

So in truth... Revan could have known of them yes... and perhaps Kreia did to, but was testing the Exile of Power....
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