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Originally Posted by Anakin Skywalker
Well I'm gonna have to battle in his defense....
Is that so? We have formed a rivalry then, have we? A friendly rivalry of course.

Originally Posted by Anakin Skywalker
there are Force Techniques that are... Unknown.... and perhaps Revan learned them, when going to the Unknown Regions... we have no Idea what's out there...... there could be a Force Sensitive Race, that could have held the key to killing Nihilus, had the Exile not been a wound in the Force, and Nihilus not effecting him/her.

So in truth... Revan could have known of them yes... and perhaps Kreia did to, but was testing the Exile of Power....
Iím not saying that such a power couldnít exist, but currently, in Star Wars canon, there is no proof that such a power exists, so until it is proven otherwise, it is not wrong for me, or anyone else to assume that such a power doesnít exist.

You also have to remember that I, just like anyone else, can assume that Nihilus knew of some mysterious force power that prevents the anti-Nihilus power from working. In other words, if one can assume that an anti-Nihilus power exists, then another can assume that an anti-anti Nihilus force power exists too.

That is why arguments like this should be based only on what we know of from the games and other canon sources.

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