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had a fairly good day off...

woke up at around 9:30, my stupid alarm kept buzzing and i kept hitting snooze til it stopped...the power went out for a second, not unusual. So i thought it was like 12:30 when I woke up. Anyway I went out to penn state gamelands 159 took my .22 and nintendo ds, hiked to the stone hedges, and followed it, something i didn't do in fall when i was out bow hunting, I found this huge rock (forgot to bring my camera darn it) and decided to sit down and play some Final Fantasy III, as I was playing, I heard movement, then I moved, then a red squirrel started doing its 'omg!!11' thing, and froze at a tree, and i put 1 shot through its neck. After I saved my progress, I took the dead squirrel and put it on the rock, and decided to go check further up the trail, which actually led me about 300-500 meters from the way i used to climb through brush and briar and evil wicked thorns to get on top of the huge rock wall formation thing. anyway, i continued on the trail, didn't see anything, then i headed back, recovered the squirrel and went home.

After I got home, I played a little bit of WoW, quick went outside to cut the tail off the squirrel and feed the crows the rest of it (next time i get a red, it'll be left in the woods...aside from the tail). Anyway, I finish up on WoW, then go out and get used to my new bow. It's tough, as my aim is always to the right, i ended up losing 2 arrows...

Afterwards, I went upstairs, played an hour more of WoW, then I went over to my parents' to watch Bourne Identity w/my dad. I love that movie.

My mom and sister arrived near the end of the movie, so I brought my sis back to our apartment, and decided to clean my room...cleaned out alot of trash, receipts mostly.

Now I'm hungry, nothing to eat here except eggs and popcorn. Looks like I'll be heading to walmart on my day off. I really wish we had a Giants around here so I could avoid going into where I work. Weis' is too small and crowded and the lines suck. -_-

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