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Originally Posted by Pottsie
Turning this into a career would be a very good idea, since you're a really talented artist and people would love to see it.
Right here in this instance I agree with my friend, he is correct about this. I would be there, making sure you got some apraisal.... most people don't become famous until after their dead.... which I doubt that is the case with you... As Pottsie has said you are a very talented artist.

Originally Posted by Pottsie
And if you ever become famous, you can always say, "I remember that member who kept saying my art was really good."
Hmph... your not the only one Pottsie... CSI and I have been here cheering her on as well

Originally Posted by Pottise
Looking foward to more art. I'll be there to praise, praise, praise!
Same here..... as in the past few days... btw sorry I didn't post at first, I just simply didn't see it, as I rarely go to this part of Courscant Entertainment.... so I hope you can forgive me for that... Good Luck with everything... and May the Force be with You.... (and the Force of art..... hehe lol)

@ Pottsie:

My friend, I have a question... how can one be redeemed by pain... pain leads to suffering... and suffering to hate.... hate leads to the Darkside...


@ Pottsie, way below, jus kiddin just two posts under this one

I surrender to no teachings except those of the Jedi... it is good to know that I am truely redeemed.... I was redeemed by... don't laugh, I'm being serious... Pazzak

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