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Originally Posted by razorace
Based on the reversal of opinion on basically every single feature, I'd say that the next build happened 6 months ago. :|
Originally Posted by razor ace
Well, I got the viewlock working. I'm not sure it's working perfectly yet, but it does seem to be doing what it's supposed to do. Basically, it prevent players from moving or yawing their blades thru other player's sabers. It also adds a tactile "impact" to saber impacts.

Originally Posted by JrHockney
Cool! That should help alot. Hopefully people will like it. I look forward to trying it out.
I don't think anyone save for Hockney knew what was going on here, nor knew that they could make a difference by posting.
I never had the chance or opportunity to voice my opinion on this..

The reason I'm posting about it now is because I've recently been playing a lot of other sword and saberfighting games and I've been comparing very fluid systems (that most people like) to OJP's system.

In OJP if you get hit or you hit someone:
-Your view locks on them.
-You stop moving.
-There's a small 'break' in the saberplay because of the viewlock.

We don't need to remove all of this, but I would maybe like to see it tweaked.
There's no reason Jedi have to look at their opponent or stand still to block any kind of slash, this only prohibits players from using movement and it really gives a 'tight' and locked down feel to the saberplay.

Now I don't like yawers, especially not since I've found out that it can still be used (and with tremendous effect I may add) in OJP.
And I'm also not saying we should remove everything, but we should tweak it a bit for it to seem more realistic and not to compromise the style of more mobile players, and not to annoy players as much.

People will face a double DP penalty if they try to run and get hit, so don't start what I think you want to start :thumbsdown:.

Further more, if you don't like the idea, maybe we can try and see how it is without it for a few days and measure the general consensus afterwards?

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