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My goodness! (I feel strange saying that, it's like saying "my intellegence") Another superb piece of artwork! I thought it was a photograph for a moment there! Once again you display your mastery of perspective, lighting, and surface detail. (I bow in reverance and acidentally hit my head against the moniter) You grace us with your prescence here! I swear, games like KOTOR draw the most intellegent people. This place is like a mine of talent and I wish I had more time to show everyone here the respect they so richly deserve. Anyone gotten a swolen head yet? No, seriously, I meant everthing I said, it's a joy to see so much talent gathered in one place.

To answer Emalin's question earlier about wether I am an artist; click on the link in my signature (the one that says, "A Stirring in the Blood") and decide for yourself.

PS: sorry for the horrifically long post; I got carried away.

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