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Darth Quanon gazed out the window , the hours had passed slowly . N'Dul had not shown himself . Small squadrons of Sith Fighters past , the Sith fleet gathered here was gigantic . The tattered Republic had no chance , allthough the news of Emporer Anakins return to the Light Side , slightly balanced the odds .

A beep sounded out of Quanons comunicator .

" Milord , the fleet has arrived , awaiting further instructions ." : R4-AA said.

" Good , prepare to attack and conquer Naboo . If they give to much resistance launch the Theta-Virus bombs ... I want the Republic to be occupied with this crisis . " : replied Quanon , smiling with a grin . He wiched he could see the faces of the people , again attacked by those dreaded droids .

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