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@ Grey Master
LOL, thank you! It's because I've had all of these stored in my computer. Soon I'll have to create new ones, and that will definitely take time. I'm thinking about doing some Star Wars pieces now. I would post those in the actual Entertainment Centre, though. This section is only non-SW, after all....

@ Torthane
Hee-hee -- I say "my goodness" all the time! Never thought of it that way.... Anyway, thank you again for your comments! I looked at your artwork, and I love it to death, especially what I assumed to be your portrait of Revan. You're good...I'd love to see more!
Also, I think KOTOR draws "intelligent people," as you put it, because it was made by intelligent people -- and that shows. The story is great, the characters fantastic, the game itself wonderful.
Oh, and no worries about horrifically long posts. Look at mine. LOL!

@ Dark_Lady
Thanks! If I hadn't had something to look at, I wouldn't have been able to draw the glass, either. I just copy what I see. Does that mean I have photocopiers for eyes?!

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