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"Aahh," Kraahkan crowed to himself as he observed the events happening as they unfolded on his holomap. Although his agents hadn't brought him all the nitpicked details yet, he could generally see what was going on just from looking at his map. The Sith were rampaging about again, destroying everything around them as ussual. From the looks of it, there had been a few betrayals along with the razing of Coruscant.

Fools, he thought to himself. Coruscant was the center of their goverment. If they left it intact and took it later without the use of force they would control all of their known galaxy. He folded and unfolded his wings as he paced around the bridge of The Truth Maker, which had a bridge of similar size to that of the Ravanger due to his own size.

He turned to one of his leitenants and said "Prepare my ship for departure." The leitenant snapped a salute and walked off. Kraahkan then turned to the holomap and tapped on a particular planet. It enlarge to reveal the planet of Tatooine. This would be a nice target to take over first. It would get rid of a load of crime bosses he would have to deal with soonner or later. Of course, it would be fun to deal with them, because they actually thought they were clever. They were actually going to help him though, were they knew it or not.
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