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Darth Quanon left his lord on his ship , took his fighter and punched in the coordinates for Naboo . He already planned to ravage the whole world , creating the greatest plane of pure agony everseen before in the galaxy , Naboo would change to a living hell .

"R4-AA prepare my ship 'Harvester of Sorrow' , prepare the full weapon system , I'll arrive shortly ."

A short hyper-space travel later and Quanon united with his fleet . R4-AA his First Admiral awaited him .

" Sir , everything is in position , some Naboo fighters tried to attack , but where succesfuly killed . "

" Good , let the other Cruisers and dreadnoughts take these positions , set the count down to 4 hours ... First I'll have some fun on the surface . "

As quickly as Darth Quanon landed he departed for the surface of Naboo where his troops where waiting .

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