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NR saga-moved

This is an RP thread I have moved from the SWVFII forums, for obvious reasons. This is both join and story thread, as well. I do it the old fashioned way.

Info: This is a RP set in new Republic, about seven years after the destruction of the Empire. The NR Republic is just settling in when new forces arise to try and once again shake the power of a free government. The Rebel Troopers are mostly human soldiers (not droids or clones or whatnot) in high tech combat armour, without a helmet. Just to give you and image. Luke and Leah skywalker have revived the Jedi records from the Old Republic and began ressurecting the Jedi art. The capitol of the NR is Mygeeto, which is now rebuilt and is a thriving, sprawling metropolis.

IMPORTANT: I don't know squat or any of the post- movie games, and this thread is mostly for poeple who also haven't played or think they could do better on "what happens next."

Character stats to enter
Presuming you are playing a part of the NR millitary forces, assignment: (ex. 3rd movement, 16th force, 100th division.)
Vehicles: (if any)
Attributes/weaknesses: (optional)
Bio: (optional)

Do not play Jedi. To play Jedi, go to the other thread. If you see an NPC you want to play, go ahead. But if it is a Jedi NPC, go to the other thread. And watch both threads, because they are both the story.

Following posted by Atomic Jedi:::
You might have done this in a really bad forum try Dantooine Theater Company or Jedi Series Role-playing forum. But you might have revived this forum a little bit maybe, hopefully..

Name: Darrick Dominia
Species: Human
Age: 24
Assignment: 3rd movement, 16th force, 100th division
Equipment: sniper rifle; dual Zabrak vibroblades
Vehicles: none
Attributes/weaknesses: sniper(skilled eyesight)
Bio: Darrick grew up on Dantooine an with his parents in a medium sized farm dwelling. He soon faced Imperial stormtroopers coming to his land ransacking it as they came to the planet, only at the age of 14. He grabbed his dad's rifle and upgraded it with a scope and blasted the stormtroopers that stole from the farm's fields. The Republic military that came to defend the planet experienced his shootouts with the imperial troopers. that even though outnumbered 10:1 he'd still win. Dak(for short) joined the military and traveled many planets, gaining prestige and ranks along with what he did there. He soon found him on the planet Mygeeto with the 100th division.
Previous posted by Atomic Jedi:::
Now that were in the story, lets mark all our OOS posts OOS.

Name: "Chaingun" Charlie
Species: Human
Assignment: 19th movement, 18th force, 100th division
Equipment: Blaster Rifle, small arm chaingun, cookable thermal detonaters
Attributes: Leadership, whooping
Weaknesses: holding advance, not getting mad at droids

"You know, I STILL don' know where we're going." "Charlie, just shutup and wait for the dropoff. We'll fin dout eventually-" "We are going," said and officer," "To Kashyyyk. Specifically, Breakerbed Beach. The big one." "Wow." "They're sending the whole 100th division, I hear." "Yeah," Charlie said, "and you know, we count as two, cause we have everything flashy." Baxon caught up with them, laughing. "No tto mention you, Chaingun!" "Wello, let's just hope we don't have to wait much longer. And that I get to blow up some droids... ah, here we are . Les go." Four hours later, the last of the 100th division was landed on and aroun the west end of Breakerbed Beach. "I don't see anybody. Besides us. I mean I don't see any enemies." Baxon commented. Charlie smiled. "That means the Dark Army, buddy. No doubt about it."

Atomic Jedi::::
Dak sat in the transport, watching the landscape of Kashyyk go by him. He then heard gun fire and knew he was getting close to the fighting, when the ship started heading towards the ground. Once the ship landed the men around stormed out of the ship along as himself. Dak ran towards some cover as he fired some blasts at the droids heading towards them. "They're counter attacking! Strengthen your guards men!"
"Great." Dak murmured as he took a look at the advance. He fired a round of knocking out some droids then taking cover to reload.
"Where is that God forsaken 18th force?!"
"I don't know sir." a different soldier yelled out.
"I'm not asking you private." The commander then fired a round off at the droids.
Atomic Jedi::::

Charlie fired off another round at the heavily sheilded droids. His blaster took out three. "Yeehah!" Charlie whooped. "Come on men, let's show em'!" A fresh wave of droids advanced. "You-must-surrender-to-the-forces-of-liberation-pagans!" A marine droid buzzed. "I'll show you what I think about surrender!" pyow pyow pyow! "Sir!" A scout stumbled next to Charlie, half dead. "The sixteenth and nineteenth are falling back! You have orders to-" Then he fainted. "Dang it. Guess we make our own order now. I'll go scout out bythe sixteenth." Looked like it was time to warm up his chaingun. Baxon grabbed Charlies shoulder. "Chaingun," He said, "You're not thinking straight. You can't 'scout out'. One, you are not a scout. You have no stealth and you are a commanding officer. Second, that'd mean going through a quarter-kilomenter of heavy crossfire, a littl emuch for anybody. The nineteenth has heavy fortification lines. They'll be fine. But if the droids break through the shoreedge defense, they'll flank us perfect and cause some real damage." "Fine than. Men! Fight to the shoreline to reinforce the sixteenth!" Charlie yelled into his radio. He was still warming up his chaingun today.

"The beauty and genius of a work of film may be reconceived, though its first material expression be destroyed; a vanished fiction may yet again inspire the screenplay-writer; but when the last individual of a race of living directors, of artists, breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again." -William Beebe, modified in memorial of the twentieth century

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