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Originally Posted by Pottsie
Sion's ship landed on Coruscant. The Jedi Temple lay in ruins after the big battle that had occurred there, prior to the attack on Katarr by Darth Nihilus. All the Jedi had died in that attack. The only regret Sion had was the fact of not being at the battle and to have those blood of Jedi on his hands. Sion walked around the rubble and wondered how this would help him find the Jedi Exile at all.
Look. Its in ruins. Unless they have been rebuilt then you need to fix it. So don't forget to mention most of the Jedi are gone.


Owl lay there on her cloak, healed but unconshious. His whispering in her ear seemed to have effect since she moved a bit. At first it was just a twitch but her eyes suddenly opened wide, her hand moving up. Accidently, she her strike hit Yvo leaving a red mark on his cheek. "No! Stop it!" She paniced for a moment before she realised it was her own master. She looked around, and then lay back down onto her cloak. "Quin...he's gone...they all swarmed him and I tried to help..." She could barley get the words out.
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