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((Well he had help from V of course so he wouldn't be doing it all by himself.))

V now was making a little stop on Nar Shadda to see an old friend for some tips.

"V" said Mira as he walked up to her.

"What are you doing here I thought you had signed up with the Sith." said Mira

"That was a long time ago I have changed since then and how did you know it was me when I walked up to you. You were only a kid when we first met and I was out of this attire completely" V said.

"Oh I have my ways of finding out, I am a Jedi now so I am sure you can see how I would know these things." Mira said.

"Well I guess we have both changed then. Now to the reason I came here..." V said.

"All business with you huh. Well I guess if figuresyou are probley on some quest of great importance." Mira said.

"As a matter of a fact I am and that is why I came here. To ask you if you have heard anything lately on the streets about Revan and his whereabouts." V said questioningly.

"As a matter of a fact I have, they were as most rumors say in the Unknown regions last but recently I heard a shlummy in the cantina say that he spotted Revan and a female Jedi on Deralia Revan's homeworld. It is just a bar rumor though so take it for what it is." said Mira.

"Well thank you Mira you have helped me greatly and have broadened my search and for that I owe you my upmost gratitude." V said slyley.

"Just make sure you come back alive and see me agian. This time I don't want to loose you lie I did so long ago." Mira said.

"I will" V said.

V went and got into his Ship and blasted out of Nar Shadda's atmosphere and his way to deralia.

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