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(( Its still god modding...I will ignore his post for the sake of my sanity. Oh!? So that just means 'Oh lookie like god I sentence you to death in a split second. At least T2 and describe how you fight. T2 - Fighting rule in Roleplay that says you must first put at least 12 words for the attack and 8 for the connect. Aka 20 words in the whole post at the least Then I will allow it. Plus, Owl is my character. I have say in what happens to her, more than you. ))

Owl continued to struggle in their grasp as they drug her off towards a ship. She screamed again, or attempted, as they brought her furthur in. They took her into the ship and placed her bound body onto one of the beds staying with her. As soon as the word was spread she was captured one by one they began to leave. A suddenly screach could be heard. "Master Master!" Ginjin was in one's gasp as soon as they were in the ship it took off. Leaving the ones left over behind. Owl's face came to a window. "YVO!" she screamed before she was taken away from sight. She was a captive...all of Yvo's companions. Gone...
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