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Based on the differing options already posted, I doubt we're going to reach a real consensus on a "popular opinion" on this issue.

The reason I'm posting about it now is because I've recently been playing a lot of other sword and saberfighting games and I've been comparing very fluid systems (that most people like) to OJP's system.
What games? I'm not sure its really fair to compare us to other sword fighting games since I doubt any of them did their combat like we did or had the game engine limitations we do. They also probably had an army of coders If fluidity means bringing back that whole sabering on ice feel we use to have or means our sabers go right through people as bad as they use to, I'm not for it at all. Honestly, I don't this is really that big of an issue to take away from coding other things or fixing bugs unless Razor is open to try tweaking it.

If collision stops were removed and nothing else was put in place of it, then the fights would look pretty unrealistic and play bad (in my opinion) because nothing is stopping the opponent from going straight in your face.
Hehe, I hadn't even thought of that. You're right, those stops really do make it alot harder to get in peoples faces than it use to be.

*looks at attack parries yet again*
I know I know. They do tend to happen too often, even unitentionally. I thought they would be fine since they are harder to do the first time attempted in combat, but since they are a very important mishap cash in move, that might not be a good thing. To be fair though, some of the frequency also depend on the players style. Even the old attack parries could be used in a big amount by a more defensive player. I don't know, if razor agrees it happens too often, its up too him if he wants it tweak it some how. If we wanted to bring back the old way, I'm not sure we can keep the preblocks unless some kind of override for them to start the start fake can be made.

Based on the reversal of opinion on basically every single feature, I'd say that the next build happened 6 months ago. :|
LOL, thats trial and error for ya. Heh, know we know how the MB team feels Well its bound to be happen here plenty since we don't have MB2's army of beta testers and a player base that numbers in the thousands to give a perfect critique of everything new that is done. Often times we don't end up seeing the upsides and downsides of a feature until we see it in the context of something else. Sadly, its unrealistic to think we'll get think of everything everytime we hypothesize a new or changed feature. All we can do is our best with the resources that we have.

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