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I could've sworn I'd freaking posted in this thread!!! Dang you evil one for hiding this from me only to hold it over my head on this foul night!!! Dang you to lava planet PX-4862 or PX-4863 if PX-4862 has no vacany or is lacking decent room service!!!

Sooooo confused and angry....must not annihilate random forumites....
Goooooooooooz Fraaaaabaaaaaaaaaaaah

Hey, better now...
Congrats on the promotions! When you have a couple halfway mature forum members what else can you do except lock them away in moderatorland where they can no longer influence impressionable minds with their low-spam, non-leetspeaking, don't-run-with-scissors-attitude
Y'all deserve it...

And as for know who you a result of hiding this from me...
You are getting a spanking!!!

and no the rest of you don't get to know who

Ahem...on to random commentary...

@Astro, Yeah you can't get a decent argument without one of you whining about flaming. I don't even bother anymore, threads are closed while I write responses.

Also, that's not the real George...that's supershadow...notice the grey?
The true George Lucas is timeless and one with the force, he is above such things as aging...
...unlike Jae

Originally Posted by ED
I think you will find ancient rituals with colored smoke and robed men to be more common in obscure cults than actual religions.
Yeah, Catholicism is pretty obscure... [Dang what's the code for that hammer smiley...stupid quickreply box]

@ChAiNz, Oh ROFfLemuffin-LOLlerskates...*dies* [yes, I think the hyphen was absolutely neccessary. Did you see what I did, I said something with a hyphen in it. Top that sucka ]

@Fuu, Thanks
You're like my plastic helmet. But cuter than regular plastic helmets!

TK is beyond forum ranks...he is pure unadulterated awesome...and you can't handle that!

The Binary Theory of Life: Inside the box = bad... Outside the box = good...
Sanity is the highest form of oppression.
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