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Index Threads

Recently, three of us writers over at the CEC have made Index Threads. Those three writers were CSI: Nihilus, Darth Grivis and myself. I think a new Sub-Forum in the CEC should be made called, Index Threads, where writers can post an Index Thread, if they are writing a series of Fanfics, like myself. However, I don't mean to be big headed, but my Index Thread is a perfect example of what one should look like. It should have lots of information, with links to everything related to it, etc and it could also have other information, like how the writer came up with the idea, etc. Sometime, I will write it in my Fic. I shall give more information when I have time, but what do you think?

Edit: Here are all the Index Threads:

CSI: Nihilus
Darth Grivis
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