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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
Based on the differing options already posted, I doubt we're going to reach a real consensus on a "popular opinion" on this issue.
I think you're right *sigh*.
Although (looking at the past) it does seem like you guys need some time to catch up so I'll give it some simmering time

Originally Posted by JRHockney
What games? I'm not sure its really fair to compare us to other sword fighting games since I doubt any of them did their combat like we did or had the game engine limitations we do. They also probably had an army of coders If fluidity means bringing back that whole sabering on ice feel we use to have or means our sabers go right through people as bad as they use to, I'm not for it at all. Honestly, I don't this is really that big of an issue to take away from coding other things or fixing bugs unless Razor is open to try tweaking it.
Well some new ones like:
Dark Messiah of might and Magic
Doom 3 Ninja Tournament
The Prince of Persia series

but also some very old ones like "Severance blade of darkness".
Originally Posted by Hockney
Hehe, I hadn't even thought of that. You're right, those stops really do make it alot harder to get in peoples faces than it used to be.
The stops are the most annoying to me, there is no reason someone shouldn't be able to get into someone else's face if they don't want too..
I thought our saber system was up to the point of allowing multiple styles and strategies for people? But we just keep trying to close down so many of them.

Power attackers got nerfed, turtlers got nerfed, runners got nerfed while the real problems such as multistrikes, lunge and the overpoweredness of kick stay and flaunt around.

Originally Posted by Hockney
I know I know. They do tend to happen too often, even unitentionally. I thought they would be fine since they are harder to do the first time attempted in combat, but since they are a very important mishap cash in move, that might not be a good thing. To be fair though, some of the frequency also depend on the players style. Even the old attack parries could be used in a big amount by a more defensive player. I don't know, if razor agrees it happens too often, its up too him if he wants it tweak it some how. If we wanted to bring back the old way, I'm not sure we can keep the preblocks unless some kind of override for them to start the start fake can be made.
I've noticed they happen a lot with overhead and diagonal overhead strikes, but nothing that a quick power attack couldn't cure.
You know *looks back at his own posts* if we just removed the saberlock from powerattacks like I said months ago, and leave the saberlocks only if someone is near critical DP, power attacking would be much easier again as it could be comboed..

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