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Originally Posted by Darth Cariss
I was pretty happy with JA, personally. It improved the things I didn't like about JO (Saber combat mostly. Yes, I didn't like the JO saber combat. Sue me). Though the SP wasn't as good as JO's, I liked everything else better.
*sues Cariss*

JO > JA by a million.

It had a better saber and force system in which you could partially defend yourself, and use the force on the outside world.

The maps were just so much more star-warslike and creative than JA's,
and the textures were also pretty nice *notes rocky texture on the start of second map*.

It also had one of the best storylines ever with plot twists and everything.

But the best of all is that it had the real "star wars" feeling to it, you felt like a jedi almost. OJP gives me that feeling.. but not quite as much as JO did

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