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" appears that the Sith and Jedi are here" said Draco, observing Darth Randus from a distance.

"Why will the Jedi come here?, the Sith are obviously following them, so you better be on your guard apprentice" said holocron Kreia.

"I will, misstress" replied Draco to the pouch in his belt which contained the piramidal holocron of Kreia "and probably Skywalker is searching for an appropiate place to stablish his academy, but this place is tainted with the dark side"

"Jedi academy?, why would he built a Jedi academy if he is a Sith?" asked the holocron.
"He was redeem again, misstress, he changed sides again."

"Ahh.....another betrayer, he can't refuse the power of the dark side, yet he's afraid of being totally corrupted by it, so he must return to the Jedi for a proper mesure of balance" replied Traya at the revelation "watch him closely, he may yet chance sides again..."

"With all due respect misstress, I don't believe......"

"That he will not fall again?....eveyone that has tasted the dark side always return for more, it is inevitable, maybe he will not turn inmediatetly, but patience is very important apprentice, and you must learn to use it for your goals......"

"Yes misstress, I will try to be patient, what do you suggest I do?" asked the gray master.

"Go back to your ship, we will be discovered in due time, if not, then we will go to explore one of the Massassi Temples that are in the area, much of the dark side is hidden there, and we must awaken it to reach our objective....."

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