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Darth Quanon looked over the battle field , lasers where blazing the smell of burned flesh and metal was sickening . The people of Naboo had certainly learned from their first encounter with the CIS . As soon Quanon had landed he was attacked by a Gungans .

But despite their struggling , the Naboo where losing the fight . All that remained was their capital . Darth Quanon looked into the distance , the mighty domes of the theed palace where in sight .

The fighting went on all day long and late into the night , Quanon finannly found what he was looking for : the wife of Anakin Skywalker .

After long torture , killing many of her loyal friends , she anwsered his question .
Darth Quanon left Naboo , ordered the bombardment to start . Slowly the surface of Naboo was clouded by green corrosive fog , eating and burning everything in his path , turning it to nothing more then slime .

Quanon looked satisfied ... the Jedi could not escape him this time , allthough the echo through the Force would tell them of this massacre ... the perfect camouflage , their minds occupied , they would not sense his arrival .

"R4-AA , take the rest of the fleet to coruscant , I want a full inspection , there might be traces to what Skywalker is planning ."

Darth Quanon once again went his own way , his fighter jumped into hyper-space ...

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