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Draco awoke from his meditation, he felt something dark in the jungle.......

"You feel the dark side nearby, right? they are force ghosts, strong in the dark side, they have come here to do what we were about to do, release the dark side power, and by doing so, they will regain their mortal bodies....."

"Master, how can that even be possible?"

"Anything is possible with the Force, and when something as big as this dark side enery is released, it can do anything........." said Traya

"Then we must stop them, for they will ruin our plans and alert the Jedi, and bring the Sith here too" replied the gray master.

"The Jedi are already aware of it, so be prepared"

"I'm always ready, Master" and with that said, he grabbed Kreia's holocron and stepped out into the jungle...

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