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The temple was old, and full of the dark side power, and Draco sensed that that power had seduced the jungle, and that some beasts had been able to enter and make it their home...... then heard an explosion, and he temple shook, it was coming from the entrance.

"What was that?" asked the holocron

"An explosion, and it came from the door, somebody must really want to get inside, probably that Sith that saw me coming in."

"Then be on your guard, I presume thta he is a powerful one, we must hurry"

"Yes misstress" and as soon as Draco said that, he saw a dark figure ahead, it was one one of the Force ghosts, it was watching him.

"They know we are inside, and they will try to stop us" said the holocron

"Then we must....." Draco didn't get to finish his sentence, as he stepped in a switch on the floor, and tiny holes on the walls opened and shot out poisonous darts.

He inmediatly rolled to the side and activated his lightsaber, and realized that appart from the darts, the wall was closing in on him, and the door that leaded to the main chamber was closing.

"Oh no" said Draco, and deactivated his lightsaber and user the Force to once again boost his speed, and was getting near the closing door, when he felt something like a needle being inserted in his right leg.
He inmediatly stopped running, and had to drag himself to the door, he barely got inside, when he felt his head spin and he felled into darkness.....

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