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Fics are already listed by author and title in the Archives. To be honest, I don't really see a need for the index threads, either, since you can see everything by looking down the page.
Any information pertaining to a particular fic should go in that particular fic's thread, anyway.

After discussion with other moderators, it was decided that index threads are not necessary, so I am closing all index threads. Please put any indices in your fics and/or sigs. You could put this information in a final post in the thread, link that fic to the next in the series, or make a small list in your sig. Since the fics are already listed by both author and title in the Archives, and you have your own fics where you should put this information, this kind of thread is redundant. There's no need for someone to go to an index thread when they can just click on your fic instead, and going to an index thread and then to the fic actually adds an extra step to the process that makes it more work.

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