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"Beauty?" she said. She was quite surprised that they would even care about that. She then got nervous when he mentioned treatment. 'They are going to do something to me...' She followed along quite nervous, but curious in many a way. She watched as the minion left and she looked to the cloaked figure. "...What do you want with me and my...allies." She did not say friends, for she was worried in doing so she would place them in greater danger.

She stood firm, in perfect posture trying to immitate being in power. Her voice was cold, striking as if she owned a whole planet. It took everything to keep herself able to do this. She worried about Ginjin and Quin. Just more so about Yvo. 'I can't say anything about him...Could this be that...' She shivered at the thought. She gathered her courage again and watched the figure.
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