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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
I know I know. They do tend to happen too often, even unitentionally. I thought they would be fine since they are harder to do the first time attempted in combat, but since they are a very important mishap cash in move, that might not be a good thing. To be fair though, some of the frequency also depend on the players style. Even the old attack parries could be used in a big amount by a more defensive player. I don't know, if razor agrees it happens too often, its up too him if he wants it tweak it some how. If we wanted to bring back the old way, I'm not sure we can keep the preblocks unless some kind of override for them to start the start fake can be made.
Attack parries are pretty easy to do and it is extremely easy to do it unintentional when attacking. Attack parries could be used more by defensive players, but to be fair, it was more difficult and 9/10 times it was not unintended like a lot of the times it is in 009r. It is pretty easy for me to be doing transitions and for an attack parry to pop out of the blue without I ever wanting to actually do one, it slows down the pace in my opinion, and it is extremely easy to do in comparison to before.

Originally Posted by Maxstate
Well some new ones like:
Dark Messiah of might and Magic
Doom 3 Ninja Tournament
The Prince of Persia series
I am not sure how you believe Oblivion of all games has a fluid sword system. To each their own I guess

Originally Posted by Maxstate
The stops are the most annoying to me, there is no reason someone shouldn't be able to get into someone else's face if they don't want too..
Personally one reason I would give is that light sabers are too deadly in close range. Like the example given with Anakin and Dooku. Also, I agree that O.J.P. has a much nicer feel to it instead of that ice like feel it used to have.

Originally Posted by Maxstate
Power attackers got nerfed, turtlers got nerfed, runners got nerfed while the real problems such as multistrikes, lunge and the overpoweredness of kick stay and flaunt around.
Power Attackers: Just because attack fakes go into a saber lock does not mean they got nerfed, personally I believe it gives them extra choices such as finishing off a foe or slow bouncing to continue the pain train. Although it does make it less useful to cash in on mishap, which it used to do very well in the past if I recall correctly.

Turtlers: Seeing how it is pretty damn easy to run away, and how I can most of the time just go 100 percent defense without dying, and how attack parrying is easier to do than a hooker, I am not sure where you are getting this.

Runners: If you want to go to a run world with no restrictions go play Japlus or Base Jedi Academy. Running without restrictions/penalties would almost kill the cause of the whole 'walking' theme of O.J.P. Enhanced's saber system, or at least I believe that. Even with these so called penalties, like I have said in the past, it is still extremely easy to just run away from a saber fight. But that seems to be o.k. for some people, which comes off as odd to me.

Multi-strikes: That is open for discussion.

lunge: I don't see the big issue, it has been through numerous tweaks to ensure balance, care to point out where does it become overpowered?

Kick: That is open for discussion, although I agree that kick really is not where I would like it to be personally.

Just my 2 cents, take care all.
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