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It burned.......
Draco woke up and felt his leg burning, and wondered why he wasn't dead.

"I thought that I needed a new apprentice, do not fail me again" said the voice of Traya.

"Nice to know that you care" said the grey master "what happened, I thought I was done for."

"Close to dead, I used my remaining connection to the Force and tapped into yours, and started a cleanse trance that is useful against poisons, but you will still feel the pain and some side effects of it"

"Thanks" said Draco, feeling numbness in his legs and arms "Where are we?"

"How should I know? what I do know is that the force ghosts are nearby, and growing stronger, so hurry up and release that energy"

"Very well, misstress" said Draco standing up, "We are inside the main chamber, and it seems that the spirits are in the other side of that door, and that they are indeed stronger"

The main chamber's second door was big enough for a speeder to pass through, and strong enough to stop a cruiser's batteries.
Draco found a hidden lever full of spiderwebs, he pull it back, and inmediatetly the door opened, to reveal the main burial romm, and the two spirits were absorbing the dark side energy, and their bodies were regenerating.

"So you finally made it, gray jedi" said the first one in a raspy voice, like his lungs and throat were regrowing.

"We wil enjoy gutting you!!" said the other one in the same kind of voice.

"We shall see" said Draco igniting his Y-saber, which illuminated the room, and prepared for the spirits opening attack.

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