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"I will tell you no such thing," she said, backing up once more as he turned. When his voice grew louder the fear was obvious on her face. "My name is personal to me...I do not tell anyone I do not know or trust. There is no trust between us at all, and unless you lower your tone I will tell you nothing." She said it firmly still, she found her name very private. Only Yvo knew and when he called her by her real name she would get very angry.

"As you keep your face hidden I keep my name hidden." No ammount of torture or persuasion would never make her tell him. He would have to prove himself to her. "Plus, you have less trust than a person I have never met. Between harming my allies and me you have gained nothing." She glared at him, one that could chill even Sion. Her eyes glowed a gentle red behind the pupils, showing her great dislike for him. If he had ever known her father, it was a trait he had as well.
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