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Do not be afriad, child. All will be alright, A fatherly version of a voice that was normally dark whispered at the back of Owl's mind.


Shadow had witnessed everything, and although he would have liked to help, as it was just plain unsettling to see a beautiful young girl get taken off the street by some evil looking creatures, he had a job to do. If he didn't do his job, then he was more likely to be dead than the girl. After all, if they had wanted her dead, wouldn't they have just killed her there?

His job was simple: Kill a senator who was going to take a walk through the park without any living witnesses to the death. That was going to be a bit difficult, since he had body guards, and body guards always ran away for some reason Shadow could never place. So he set a trap within the little park forest. Thankfully, the others were leaving so they wouldn't be witnesses. Now all he had to do was wait.
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