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Jalin perked up... he was fully aware of his surroundings... a Dark being was coming closer, and then it stopped, as if nothing had been there. Jalin got back to work on the hyperdrive, to make sure it still worked. The Darkside crept closer, this time Jalin stopped and was curious as to what had made the darkside so strong. He dropped his hydrospanner and found that behind him was a creature... one that had been stalking him, ever since his fall to the Darkside... his pet rancor.

"Dang it, Serra... don't scare me like that." Jalin said.

The rancor just roared laughter.

"I'm serious... I was just in battle with a lot of assassins... I thought maybe they had come back." Jalin replied.

Serra grunted and went back to the shadows.
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