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Originally Posted by Maxstate
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Do you ever do research when you post something?
As far as I can remember the forcefield thing was set up to deal with specific bugs or problems that were up around the time the saber system was still infantile.
Something like it would now be superfluous.
I guess I must emphasize on the statement, 'if I recall correctly'. Anyways, I am pretty sure others and myself suggested there be something to stop people from getting close so easily.

Originally Posted by Maxstate
I don't think anyone here has the right to say when someone can or can not use a certain strategy if that strategy does not involve bugs.
Who am I to say that someone shouldn't be able to run away from a duel? Who am I to say that someone shouldn't be able to use his surroundings, run and hide from me if he needs to regenerate.
Using your same logic. Who is to say that people shouldn't be able to jump around like in basejka for elusive tactics? Who is to say that there should be even any penalties on running for people who want to run 24/7 like in basejka? Who is to say that the jump kicks from JO or Japlus shouldn't be in the game because they constitute as some sort of strategy? In my opinion that logic does not stand at all.

Originally Posted by Maxstate
Clearly showing movement, crouches, ducks and jumps while parrying and slashing.
The part from 1:37 for example?
Of course in the movies they moved while fighting. But in the movies no where did I see a moment where a Jedi/Sith was able to run in so close without having lethal consequences. Come back to me when you are able to make a mod that has fluid combat exactly like in the movies. I am pretty sure it is near impossible to do it within the quake 3 engine and it is best to put in some features that may emulate the feel of the movies. Also another thing, now that we are bringing up the movies, the combat movement in the movies is not exactly running speed in O.J.P. nor the walking speed in O.J.P. I would have loved to see Quigon hurting and then quickly just running away in DoTF. Same with Dooku.

Originally Posted by Maxstate
Players are already punished enough for running if you ask me. Once we balance out Absorb and make sure that Force powers become useful again, runners won't be much to deal with.
I'll make you happy right now and tell you that Ensi has been working on a sprint type Force Speed which (if I understand right) is almost done or done already.
Combined with a tweaked Absorb, I don't think we'll have problems with catching up with runners.
I can easily run away while in low dodge points and low force points for a very long while. Somehow that does not translate into running being punished enough. Force powers were rarely used in saber fights, and I don't believe I ever saw a specific moment when force powers were used to catch a runner. And the sprint type power is nice and all, but it would also be available to the runner. Along with bunny hopping which was never removed and is definitely not movie realistic material.

Originally Posted by Maxstate
Moreso, your argument about Dooku is flawed.
Anakin uses Djem-So. Djem-So is the overpowering, brute strength form. He didn't need to get close up but it was the only way he could make quick work of Dooku's fast legwork and extremely precise parries. I'll even take your example and give you another one: Ep3 Anakin versus Obi Wan, when Anakin's saber and body are pushing up against Obi with such force that he curls him down in a saberlock. The same one that killed Dooku but it didn't kill Obi-Wan.
I would love to see a video of that to analyze it.

Originally Posted by Maxstate
Personal reasons? Give me a break, there was loads of stuff I hated to see go and also loads of things I hated to see come in but I've sucked it up too.
If this is a reply to my 'personally' comments, what I mean by that is personal preference.


Kick: That is open for discussion, although I agree that kick really is not where I would like it to be personally.

Kick: That is open for discussion, although I really do not think kick is where it should be in my opinion.

Have fun.


Originally Posted by Maxstate
I'm sorry in advance for the ad hominem, but it seems to me the only reason you want people to be unable to flee is because your tactics utilize upclose sabering and transition-shortening which require your opponent to be close.
Right, of course. /sarcasm
Anyways, no it is not. I have been saying this for a very long time, even when transitions weren't as easy to do as they are now. I find it hard to believe that you have not figured out my standing on this, and give out a false reason to intend to insult me. My stand on the matter: I do not think it is fair for anyone to be able to easily run away without any consequences. In MBII, in Base Jedi Academy, and even in Japlus, you lose health. That is a sort of consequence, as for in O.J.P., you lose dodge points which can recover, and force points as well. Basically, no real consequences to running away in O.J.P., which is not really movie realistic, otherwise we wouldn't really see a lot of sabering deaths in the movies if they had the ability to run away so easily.
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