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Darth Quanon got up , he continued his search for that Grey ' Jedi ' person ...
He arm was slowy bleeding , it irrated Quanon , this fresh smell of blood would certainly leave a trace for more hungry beasts within this tomb .

Another problem occured , his ship was destroyed , how would he leave this moon ?
Their was this other Sith ... but what if he was hostile ...

Quanon entered another grand hall ... suddenly the floor trembled .

The floor cracked and fell into a bottemless pitt .

Darth Quanon leaped into the air , looked where he could land a saw these small pillars in the centre of the dark space .

Not a second past and Quanon could feel a slight breeze ... he jumped again and a great sharp blade past him , barely missing him in the air .

With help of the Force and pushing him to the extreems , Quanon reached the other side ... drained of his energie ... he fell a sleep ...

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