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Ok... a day behind already. Damn... I knew it was inevitable.

Started the day at work with a meeting. Not as bad as some of the ones I've been to. I generally dislike all meetings, though, so it's always hard to paste on a happy face and seem truly interested.

A bunch of us in my department took an extended lunch at the big Italian Bistro down the street in the afternoon. I got the eggplant. Pretty good. I was totally stuffed for the rest of the day.

When I got home I started playing with a CD project I promised a couple of people. Importing cassette tapes into my PC, and then editing the hell out of the tracks, and then mastering them.
It's a long, drawn out process. One I'm not sure I have the stamina to continue tonight...

At some point last night though, I took a break, and began to go through some other tapes I had laying around, and stumbled on an ancient and kinda goofy tape of school projects I had made MIDI sequences out of. One of them is this 2-part invention. I think I got a passing grade on it,.. but I don't remember much else about the class at this point. A real Baroque musician would, no doubt, tear it completely to shreds.

I have a couple of other (even goofier) MIDI projects... but they probably won't fit on the tiny slice of web-space I have at the moment.


A truly slow day at work. Still not feeling very good, so it was really difficult to get motivated to tackle all the projects I know must get done.

In what might just turn out to be a stunningly profound lapse of wisdom, I not only let slip to a co-worker that I post a daily running journal of sorts in a thread on an Internet forum... I, for some reason, volunteered to send a link to it.

This, in retrospect, could turn out to be a serious mistake.

I'm not exactly sure what inspired me to make this particular revelation... (the conversation had turned to everybody's Myspace pages, but since I don't have one, this was the closest analog I could come up with on the spot.) I can claim to be under the influence of being both under-the-weather and drugged-to-the-gills with powerful cold medications... still, I can't help but feel that a mistake has been made.

Thinking about some of the things I have revealed about myself here in the past 2 years... and my more than occasional disdain for the circumstances I often find myself in on the job... this could come back to haunt me in a serious way.

I can only hope this person A.) wasn't as interested as they seemed.... or, B.) has a truly good sense of humor, and takes my ranting and venting for what they really are...

Still... if someone who knows me in 'meatspace' truly bothers to read all of these threads, it could alter things around me somewhat.

Perhaps I'm reading it all wrong though... maybe we'll even get a new member out of it... that would be something!

I guess I'll just hope for the best.

I'm too tired for much else at this point...

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